Fellowship of the IISP recognises the higher level of skills, experience and attainment of an individual.  It meets the requirements for professional development, advancement and recognition within the Institutes current membership body. Successful applicants who achieve Fellowship of the IISP will be entitled to use the post-nominal F.Inst.ISP.


Anyone who is interested in applying for Fellowship of the IISP must first hold Full Membership status of the IISP as the Fellowship process is an extension of Full Membership.


The process requires a nomination by either an IISP Board Member, Full or Fellow member. Once the nomination has been received by the Secretariat you will be sent the ‘Guidance Notes for Fellowship Application’ and the ‘Fellowship Application Form’.  It should be noted that Fellowship eligibility requires high M.Inst.ISP attainment plus demonstration of leadership factors such as Eminence, Authority and Seniority. The IISP also require references from 2 individuals who are willing to vouch for the applicant professionally.


Once the application has been received it will be reviewed for completeness and then sent for assessment by a Fellow of the Institute.  The next stage will be an interview with two Fellows of the Institute and then their recommendation will go before the Fellow Accreditation Committee.  You will then be notified of the outcome.  

Should you require any further information regarding the Fellowship process please contact accredadmin@iisp.org


Annual Fee: £250*
Assessment Fee (Upgrade Fee): £100

*(discounts are available for employees of our corporate members)