IISP Regional Branches

The IISP has 12 Regional Branches across the UK with regular meetings scheduled enabling you to network with members' and fellow professionals in your area. All of our branch events are advertised via our Event Calendar

London Branch
Location: London
Branch Chair: Ryan Rubin - EY

North East Branch
Location: York / Leeds
Branch Chair: Yorkshire Cyber Security Cluster

North West Branch
Location: Manchester
Branch Chair: John Amer - BT

Northern Ireland Branch
Location: Belfast
Branch Chair: Conrad Simpson - Cyphra and Peter Swann - BT 

Scotland Branch
Location: Edinburgh
Branch Chair: Rory Alsop - HSBC

Cheltenham/Evesham Branch
Location: Cheltenham/Evesham
Branch Chair: Chris Dunning-Walton - Infosec People/CyNam

South West Branch
Location: Plymouth
Branch Chair: Steve Furnell - University of Plymouth

East Midlands Branch
Location: Nottingham
Branch Chair: Colin Robbins - Nexor
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West Midlands Branch
Location: Birmingham
Branch Chair: Abdul Khot - AMSA Infosec

Bristol/Bath Branch
Branch Chair: Paul Akass - BT

East Anglia Branch
Location: Ipswich/Martlesham
Branch Chair: Mel Turner - BT

Thames Valley Branch
Location: Reading/M4 Corridor
Branch Chair: Craig Barber - Telefónica/O2