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Your Institute - getting involved

At the heart of the Institute are its members: their experience; their wisdom; their enthusiasm and energy. Our members make the Institute what it is, and we rely upon them to grow.

There are many ways you can contribute and be part of creating building Information Security as a fully recognised profession. Not only will you be assisting your Institute, but will find that you will increase your professional network and gain important professional recognition amongst your peers. Becoming an active member of the Institute is one of the easiest ways to extend your profession network and become recognised as leading member of the information security profession.

Interviewers and Assessors

At the heart of the Institute is the assessment of professionalism of those wishing to join. We rely on our volunteer interviewers and assessors to review applications against our Skills Framework, and assess each candidate in an objective way. Interviewers and assessors are chosen for both their technical security competencies and their ability to accurate assess candidates. It is a pre-requisite that our interviewers and assessors are themselves Full Members of the Institute.

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Accreditation Committee

The Accreditation Committee (AC) ensures that the standards expected by the Institute for Membership for appointments at all levels, and for the CESG Certified Professionals (CCP) scheme, are maintained. We review all applications for membership and all CCP applications after the initial evaluation by the IISP Secretariat, by the assessors, and as appropriate by the interviewers. We consider the recommendations made by them, and make a decision on the outcome for each applicant. Our focus in particular is on the more borderline cases. We provide feedback to candidates, in person if potentially contentious, and will help with mentoring where necessary. 

These are unpaid voluntary roles requiring expertise in all the elements of the IISP skills framework and CCP strands. Experience of being an assessor and/or an interviewer is helpful, as well as being active in our Profession in the public or private sector or academia. We require a quorum of at least 6 AC members per meeting out of a larger pool, acknowledging the demanding nature of the role.

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Working Groups

Our working groups bring together the knowledge and experience of our members to specific topics and opportunities for the Institute, in order to further the profession. They provide an excellent opportunity for our members to collaborate and contribute to key issues.

Our current working groups include:-
  • Member Benefits - How can the IISP provide greater value to our members
  • Volunteer Recognition - How can we recognise and better appreciate the contribution of our volunteers
  • Our Regional Branches - Providing our members with the opportunity to connect
We welcome ideas for new working groups from our member - please contact the office to discuss.

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Would you like to help develop others within our profession? Mentoring is a confidential one-to-one relationship in which a mentee uses a more experienced mentor as a sounding board and for guidance. It is a protected, non-judgemental relationship, which facilitates a wide range of learning, experimentation and development. It enables someone to recognise his or her personal goals and helps them identify the means to attain those goals. It is about encouraging and supporting someone to develop and fulfil his or her individual career plan so they achieve their full potential.

The mentoring relationship is based on mutual respect, trust and confidentiality. Mentors will provide support and encouragement and share their own experiences along the path to success without being judgemental or directive. Mentors offer insights into different courses of action and assist mentees in making informed and appropriate choices and decisions.

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The Board of Directors set the strategic direction of the institute and provide governance across all of it's activities. They are responsible for ensuring that the company's affairs are managed in accordance with its articles of association and the law. To be eligible you must:
  • not been disqualified from acting as a company director; or 
  • not be an undischarged bankrupt 

Our board members are asked to attend up to 12 board meetings per year of a 1-2 hour duration, either by telephone bridge or in person in London . Other meetings and events may be scheduled as necessary. These are unpaid voluntary roles, although reasonable travel expenses incurred directly as a result of IISP business can be reclaimed.

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Articles and Presentations

Knowledge sharing and collaboration is a vital function of the Institute, and provides our members with the opportunity to both learn from others and to share their knowledge and experience. Pulse magazine is one way that you can share your thoughts, and we are always delighted to hear from members who would like to contribute an article. Additionally, there are speaking opportunities throughout the year at our branch meetings and annual congress, as well as other external events that we are often asked to nominate speakers for.  

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