Corporate Packages

Choosing to be a corporate member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to professionalism within the Cyber and Information security community . Whether your current focus is on the development talent within the organisation or driving innovation to security develop solutions, the IISP is able to support your goals through our Corporate Member Programmes. As a corporate member you will have access to all of the member benefits that we provide and select those that best support your needs. You will have access to a trusted and confidential environment where thought leadership and practical experience can be shared with decision makers in the profession. Our membership spans industry, government and academic communities.

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Framework Licenses and Tools

Corporate members receive a free licence to use our latest version of the IISP Skills Framework to assess and develop their employees. To enable you to easily incorporate our Skills Framework as part of your internal professional development, we provide a self-assessment tool for your staff. Our off-the-shelf solution saves organisations from the significant expense of creating their own framework and tool set. You will also gain access to IISP Capability & Knowledge Frameworks.

Capability Development

Through our Associate Development Programme (ADP), we help organisations to develop team capability by providing a structured two-year training programme to assist newly employed graduates or those new to the industry to develop the necessary skills to become talented security practitioners. The scheme promotes demonstrable application of knowledge, delivery of security projects and professionalism. Alongside our ADP, we also run our Masterclass events are aimed at all levels of membership and are run by subject matter experts to knowledge share and assist you in progressing your IISP membership.

Thought Leadership

As a corporate member of the IISP you will be provided with opportunities to share your thought leadership with the decision makers within our membership community which includes security teams of some of the premier UK and global organisations. You will be able to meet top leaders of security and build and develop relationships with them, share your innovation and road maps and gain feedback from them.


We offer two levels of Corporate membership packages, depending on the size of your organisation.

Large Enterprise

This package is suitable for organisations with a turnover of >£25m per year.


This package is suitable for organisations with a turnover of <£25M per year.

 Use of IISP Framework Licenses    
 Capability Tools    
 Thought Leadership        
 Tailored Assessments    
 Development Programmes  
 Employee Discounts    50%  
 Shaping the Institute    
 Brand Recognition  

Shaping the Institute

As a corporate member you have the opportunity to shape the future direction of the Institute at our quarterly corporate meetings and participating in our working groups. Corporate members will also have the opportunity to engage with Academia through our Academic Partner Programme.


With a rapidly growing membership, the Institute represents a significant talent pool that our corporate members can advertise to. Our Jobs Board allows corporate members to post vacancies without any ‘finder’s fee’ to pay, which could more than pay for a year’s corporate membership.

Member Discounts

As part of our corporate membership packages, we offer a discount on individual membership and CCP scheme fees of 50% for employees. We also offer exclusive discounts on training, publications and events through various industry partners.

Brand Recognition

Choosing to be a corporate member demonstrates to your customers your organisation’s commitment to professionalism in information security. Adverting opportunities are available, either on the IISP website or in the Institute’s quarterly magazine, Pulse.