Associate Development Programme (ADP)


The Associate Development Programme (ADP) is open to new graduates and career changers within our corporate member organisations. The programme lasts two years and offers a varied schedule of bi-monthly events and workshops on topics that new joiners may not encounter in their day-to-day training. It aims to complement this experience in a fast track structure for participants to build towards applying for IISP Associate level within 2-3 years.


ADP Events

Each event is designed to be interactive and include both a presentation and workshop section. All events also include a short induction to the programme, a background to the IISP and a briefing on using the Skills Development Pathway for any new attendees. They are then followed by the opportunity to network with fellow ADP participants from different corporate member organisations and with event facilitators. As this is a rolling programme over two years and the event topics will be repeated, you may join the programme at any time.

The Skills Development Pathway

In conjunction with the events participants of the programme are asked to keep a development pathway log. The Pathway is based on the IISP Associate level application form. It is used to track your progress through the programme and to store the skills learned and the evidence for these. As you add to this document, you will be building the basis of your own Associate level application.


Events have been taken place in London, Birmingham & Worcester thus far but we will be touring these workshops to various regional locations according to where our Corporate Members’ new joiners are primarily situated. For more information and to request to host a workshop, please contact

Participants will commit to:

  • Become an Affiliate member of the IISP at the beginning of the programme
  • Regularly attend Events
  • To maintain a ‘Skills Development Pathway’ over the course of the programme

Events Calendar

We are close to finalising the ADP calendar for 2019/20. Please contact for information.
4th December 2017
4th December 2017