The Training Accreditation Committee

The purpose of the Training Accreditation Committee is to ensure that a consistent standard is applied to all of our accreditation of training courses.

The Training Accreditation Committee (TAC) ensures that the standards expected by the IISP and its Partners for Information Security training courses for professionals and users are maintained. All applications are reviewed by the TAC following an initial evaluation by the IISP Secretariat, and then by an Assessor. The TAC considers recommendations made by the Assessor, and makes a decision on the outcome for each applicant. The focus in particular is on the more borderline cases. Feedback is provided to applicants via the Secretariat, or in person by a member of the TAC if potentially contentious. TAC members will help with mentoring where necessary.  The TAC Chair is Pete Fischer and the Deputy Chair is David Alexander.

TAC meetings are called by the Secretariat as necessary. The majority of meetings will be held via conference call, but at least 1 face-to-face meeting will be called each year.  Information relevant to each meeting is sent to TAC members at least 1 week in advance of the meeting. Members views are fed back to the Secretariat, collated and sent to members in advance of the meeting, the expectation being that TAC members will submit reviews as well as attending meetings.

Up to 5 applications may be considered by the TAC at a meeting. The discussion is led by the Chair to ensure that a consensus decision is reached. Meetings which solely consider training course accreditations typically last less than an hour, but where policy and process issues need to be discussed, the meeting could last up to 2 hours.

The TAC as a collective may also raise issues and proposals to the IISP Board, and can also provide advice and experience on other matters.

These are unpaid voluntary roles for Full Members of The IISP (or, exceptionally, an equivalent level from another organisation) with knowledge of or expertise in elements of the IISP Skills Framework and some experience of IS training. Experience of being a Training Assessor is essential, as well as being active in our Profession in the public or private sector or academia. We require a quorum of at least 4 TAC Members including the Chair per meeting out of a larger pool, acknowledging the demanding nature of the role. TAC members who do not contribute over the course of several meetings may be replaced.