The Board

The Institute is Company limited by Guarantee, with a Board of Directors elected from our membership. The Board provides governance, oversight and direction for the Institute. The current Board of Directors is:

IISP Directors – Role and Responsibility

The Board of Directors set the strategic direction of the institute, provide governance across all of it's activities and ensure that the company's affairs are managed in accordance with its articles of association and the law.

Our board members are asked to attend up to 12 board meetings per year of a 1-2 hour duration, either by telephone bridge or in person in London. Other meetings and events may be scheduled as necessary. 

These are unpaid voluntary roles, although reasonable travel expenses incurred directly as a result of IISP business can be reclaimed.
Unless a board member willfully acts in bad faith as a Director, their liability, should the company fold, is the same as of Full Members, i.e. £1. The Shareholders who own the company are the fully paid-up Full Members of the Institute.

The IISP does not have special terms of reference for Directors, as the role is essentially a full Director of a company and the usual Directors obligations apply. As such you may find the following source of reference helpful: Companies House
The constitution directs that 1/3rd of the Board steps down each year, (although individuals can seek re-election), so the natural life cycle of being an IISP board member would be for 3 years at a time.