The Accreditation Comittee

The purpose of the accreditation committee is to ensure that a consistent standard is applied to all of our membership applications and assessments.

The Accreditation Committee (AC) ensures that the standards expected by the Institute for Membership for appointments at all levels, and for the NCSC Certified Professionals (CCP) scheme, are maintained. We review all applications for full membership and fellowship, and all CCP applications and recertifications after the initial evaluation by the IISP Secretariat, assessors, and as appropriate by the interviewers. We consider the recommendations made by them, and make a decision on the outcome for each applicant. Our focus in particular is on the more borderline cases.  We provide feedback to candidates, in person if potentially contentious, and will help with mentoring where necessary. The Co-Chairs are Dr Mike Humphrey and John Pringle. Appeals and matters for the IISP Ethics and Professional Standards (E&PS) Board are handled by Dr Bob Nowill.

AC members are asked to attend as many meetings as they can of no more than 45-60 minutes duration, reviewing up to 30 candidates at each session, either on a conference call or, less often face-to-face (F2F) somewhere convenient such a company premises or the IISP Evesham Offices. We also provide advice and experience to the Board on other matters as appropriate. The AC is split into two streams, A and B. These are Chaired by either the Chair or one of the two Co-Chairs, and the Chair and at least one of the Co-Chairs usually attend both streams. Other members are allocated to stream A or B.

Typically there is a meeting every few weeks, exceptionally more often if there is an application surge. Information is sent to AC members (and accessible online via the IISP website) by the IISP Secretariat in advance, AC members' views are then fed back to The Secretariat independently and in confidence, and an overall set of views collated. At the AC itself, the Chairman then reviews each case with the AC team to ensure a consensus is achieved.

These are unpaid voluntary roles requiring expertise in all the elements of the IISP skills framework and CCP strands. Experience of being an assessor and/or an interviewer is helpful, as well as being active in our Profession in the public or private sector or academia. AC members must be full members or fellows and ideally hold one of the CCP roles at Senior or above. We require a quorum of at least 4 AC members per meeting out of the Stream pool, acknowledging the demanding nature of the role. But AC members who do not contribute over the course of several meetings may be replaced.

Prospective new members are welcomed at any time, and it is fully acknowledged that people will not be expert in everything nor will be available for every meeting. Anyone who would like to join this high performing team can get in touch directly with 

the Secretariat or to Chair or either of the Co-Chairs.