Masterclass - Audit & Pen Testing

Masterclass - Audit & Pen Testing
This event will focus on the Audit & Pen Testing areas of the IISP Skills Framework (D3 & D4)

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About the Event

This event is kindly sponsored by Capgemini.

Our Masterclass Programme events are aimed at all levels of membership and are run by subject matter experts to knowledge share and assist in progressing your IISP membership.

Ian Glover - President, CREST

Ian has worked in the IT industry for the last 40 years and has been working in information security for the last 36 years -­- and has enjoyed nearly every minute of it. As President of CREST he has taken it to a position of influence in the technical security industry and has been instrumental in many major industry initiatives. These include the award winning Cyber Essentials scheme, which assesses basic levels of cyber hygiene; and the CREST, Bank of England and Government project to develop the STAR and CBEST Schemes that are designed to provide higher levels of assurance for critical parts of the UK financial services and other parts of the critical national infrastructure. He also helped to develop and implement the UK Government CIR (Cyber Incident Response) and CREST Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) schemes.

Internationally he is working with governments and regulators to establish or develop CREST chapters in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and the USA. He is also supporting member companies in many other regions. Prior to representing CREST, Ian was one of the founders of Insight Consulting, a leading specialist information security consultancy. The business was purchased by Siemens. He then sat on the Board of Siemens Communications. Prior to establishing Insight Consulting has worked for the MoD, Treasury (CCTA) and Ernst and Young.

Kevin Eagles - Managing Consultant & Enterprise Security Architect, Capgemini

Kevin Eagles is a Managing Consultant in Capgemini’s Cyber Security Team; 24 years experience in IT & 16 years experience in security.

  • MOD PKI SME & DOD/NATO PKI liaison
  • Defence Corporate Business Security Manager
  • Deputy Network Security Manager, ISO 27001 Manager, Evaluation Manager: BT DFTS (£3.4 Billion PFI: 11 CTAS evaluations & c50 ITHCs every year)

Capgemini Assignments:

  • Advisor to HMG dept. on Transformational Government Security
  • CISO Capgemini airport account
  • Operational Security Manager & Incident Response Manager
  • Enterprise & Cloud Security Architect
  • Designed PKI for deep-water oil drilling company

RHUL alumni & published a paper with ISG on Sensornet security.

Martin Pill - Senior Security Consultant, BSI

Martin Pill is a Senior Consultant, experienced in providing security consultancy services for government and private sector clients and is an NCSC Certified Professional in multiple roles. Martin has delivered a wide range of assurance services including: security architecture, operational security management, risk assessment and management, auditing against internal or external standards such as ISO 27001.

An NCSC certified CHECK Team member, Martin has experience of a wide range of infrastructure and web application security testing. He applies his knowledge of potential vulnerabilities in the design and configuration of systems and how they may be exploited to other areas of work, such as security architecture, risk management, and operational security.

Sponsored by - Capgemini


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21/03/2019 18:00 - 21:00
40 Holborn Viaduct London EC1N 2PB UNITED KINGDOM

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