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11/07/2019 09:00 - 20:00
Birmingham City University School of Computing and Digital Technology Millennium Point Birmingham B4 7XG UNITED KINGDOM


Deloitte’s Cyber Security Escape Room is an interactive business gaming initiative, developed fororganisations to raise security awareness among their employees. The Escape Room is an excellent way to engage employees in the importance of Cyber Security, managing the risks and threats and can train six employees per rotation to resolve a series of challenges within a 20 minute period. During the session each team will be tasked with unlocking a laptop infected with ransomware to safeguard important company data and mitigate associated risks. Game scenario: Participants group as a “Security Investigation Team” to probe a chain of events which led to a laptop beinginfected by a ransomware virus called “IWANTITALL”. The laptop is used by a specific employee within the organisation and contains very sensitive files. Hackers responsible for activating the malware have set a time limit of 20 minutes for the individual to pay a ransomof 200 Bitcoins. If this deadline is not met, the hackers will share the files they have access to on the black market and will then wipe all content of the laptop. The board and the IT department of the organisation decide to not give in to extortion and decline to pay the ransom. Instead, a team of the organisation’s most brilliant minds is gathered to unlock the laptop and free it from the ransomware virus. Participants will be investigating objects in the room and attempting to solve a series of puzzles in order toidentify the possible security and data breaches that led to the current situation. They will be tasked withcompletinga range of challenges and find clues earning password rewards to help unlock the infected laptop. The team who finds a way to work together decisively and succeeds in completing six out of seven challenges within 20 minutes, will rescue the organisation from the ransomware attack and have successfully completed the Cyber Security Escape Room.
09:30 - 16:00
11/07/2019 09:30

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